What are the Benefits of Pineapple Juice?

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Pineapple juice can usually be found in two types – some made from fresh pineapple juice and others made from concentrate. The benefits of pineapple juice depend very much on the ‘type’ of pineapple juice you drink. Let’s find out which pineapple juice is good for you!

If you are making your own pineapple juice from fresh pineapple, then the benefits of pineapple juice are the same as fresh pineapple. You can work out calories in pineapple juice the same, too.

Pineapple itself is packed full of vitamins and minerals. Pineapple is a very rich source of manganese, which is used by the body for metabolism, strong bones and immune defense. It also contains a lot of vitamin C, which is essential for human health

Obviously, you want to be drinking pineapple juice which contains as much of the original fruit as possible. Putting a whole pineapple in a blender is the best way to make fresh pineapple juice!

Most people are going to buy pre-made and pre-packaged pineapple juice to drink, especially if you are on the move.

What are the benefits of pineapple juice when it’s store-bought?

This depends on the brand you choose!

Commercially made pineapple juice is most often made from a Queen, Smooth Cayenne, or Abacaxi variety of tropical pineapple. The fruit is peeled and cored to take the middle out. After that, the pineapple is trimmed and sliced, ground up, then pulped through a special extracting machine. The cores are usually pressed to extract as much juice as possible. The juice from the various sources can be blended and canned as pineapple juice with or without added sugar.

The part of this process that takes some of the original pineapple ‘away’ is when the juice is passed through a screen with very small holes to make it smooth. Some fibrous parts of the pineapple are then lost. So, if you get the option, choose “pineapple juice with bits” for the best benefits of pineapple juice..

Like most juices, pineapple juice will usually be pasteurized to remove pathogens and extend shelf life. Pasteurized pineapple juice is safer to drink, but will often lose some smell and taste compared to the original fresh pineapple. Pasteurization also reduces the amount of vitamin C in pineapple juice.

The most common type of pineapple juice you will find in the store is called Dole Pineapple Juice. This type of pineapple juice contains around 60kcal (calories) per 100g, meaning there is extra added sugar because 100g of raw pineapple contains around 50kcal (calories). Dole also claim to add extra potassium to their pineapple juice. Overall, a solid choice, but not quite ‘pure’.

What type of pineapple juice should I buy?

PineapplesInfo recommends that you buy pineapple juice that still has ‘bits’, and contains very little added sugar. Pineapple is already sweet enough!

When you’re looking at the packaging of the pineapple juice carton, pick the one that is as close to 50kcal (calories) per 100ml as possible. That way you will minimise consuming any unneeded extra sugar.

Is pineapple juice good for you?

The answer is yes! For all the reasons mentioned above – it contains essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber when consumed as it should be. That means as much of the original pineapple should be present in the juice as possible.

Drinking pineapple juice should always be done in moderation. 200ml to 300ml of juice at a time should be enough to get your fill. That amount of pineapple juice calories should go with any diet!


Evelyn is a horticulture expert and researcher who has contributed to various studies on pineapple feasibility, industrialisation and cultivation across the world. Evelyn is a researcher with prior experience within various Departments of Agriculture. Evelyn is credited with numerous studies on plant feasibility and horticultural studies. In her retirement, she turned her attention to fruit and pineapple cultivation, gaining a love for the pineapple fruit which continues to this day. You can reach me via email or Twitter!

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