Shape up slides to perfection with a PINEAPPLE CLIPART collection for you to enjoy royalty-free

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Looking for pineapple clipart to brighten up your next worksheet or presentation? Here are some pineapple designs you can use, all royalty-free.

Clicking one of clipart images will open it in a new tab. Then you can right click > save to your computer and include in whatever presentation or production you want for free.

This first set of large size pineapple clipart images are all hand-drawn, and realistic images of pineapples. Super high quality, and beautiful colors.

These stock royalty-free pineapple images make a great addition to your next bake sale flyer or pineapple festival invitations (those are a thing, believe us).

The next set of pineapple clipart pictures are some black and white options, since we saw people were searching and requesting those.

I’m a big fan of the realistic and detailed one on the right there, showing a pineapple still attached to its parent plant.

You can find a really detailed diagram telling you exactly what that part of a pineapple plant is named by reading our excellent how to grow a pineapple guide here.

Short answer is you can pluck that pineapple right off its parent fruit and use it to grow a whole new pineapple! Ain’t nature amazing?

Next up, and because we all like to get funky now and again in our presentations, we have some colorful cartoon pineapple clipart.

The fella on the left would be real happy if you included him in your next pineapple presentation about how you’re going to start your own pineapple farm and simply need a little investment, and I’m sure your colleagues would, too!

What would sunshine really be, without pineapples? And what would pineapples be without sunshine? That first question is silly, but the answer to the second question is maybe that they would become mini dwarf pineapples!

Yes, they are a thing.

In celebration, we cut out a couple of golden pineapple clipart pictures for you. They would look excellent on your totally legit website selling pineapple-related stuff to hungry teenagers 🙂

In case you need something seriously punchy to add to your pineapple clipart, we have a realistic cutout (in more ways than one) with a pineapple slice clipart image.

You can practically see how juicy this fresh pineapple image is right through your screen.

Most of those should cover your purposes, and save you crawling through weird stock image sites that want you to create an account or don’t actually give you the image. Frustrating stuff

So, hopefully here we’ve provided some cool and easy pineapple clipart for you to roll with. Show your friends, impress your neighbours!

BONUS pineapple clipart.. the man himself, a pineapple clipart of Spongebob’s House. No pineapple clipart roundup would be complete without paying tribute the most famous pineapple house in the sea, of course.

Use any of these pineapple clipart pictures in your own creations? Let us know in the comments, below!

If you want to get the most out of your presentation, I’ve had some great experiences and recommend using Prezi instead of boring old Powerpoint or Google Slides. The interactive stuff and animations makes it way cool, especially if you throw these pineapple designs in.


Evelyn is a horticulture expert and researcher who has contributed to various studies on pineapple feasibility, industrialisation and cultivation across the world. Evelyn is a researcher with prior experience within various Departments of Agriculture. Evelyn is credited with numerous studies on plant feasibility and horticultural studies. In her retirement, she turned her attention to fruit and pineapple cultivation, gaining a love for the pineapple fruit which continues to this day. You can reach me via email or Twitter!


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