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A good pun can tickle the ol’ humour buds, and we at PineapplesInfo really get a kick out of these pineapple puns. For your enjoyment, and for use in your pineapple-related-post, we present this specially curated list of the best pineapple puns!

Finding a good pineapple pun is almost as tricky as picking a good pineapple to eat. We’ll save you the trouble of searching with these funny and cute pineapple puns and captions.

Puns are based on wordplay. Their success relies on the fact that some words sound like other words but can have different meanings. You can read more about puns here, over at Cambridge Dictionary.

A classic example of a pun is “What is black and white and red (or, read) all over? A newspaper.” It works because the listener would assume, at first, the word meant the color red, rather than the verb to read. A lot of people think puns are simply jokes… that’s not true!

Once you understand how puns work, it becomes a lot easier to create your own on any topic (including a pineapple pun). Let’s start you off with some good ones.

As always, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

1. This pineapple won’t move! Must be out of juice.

2. If you were a fruit, you would definitely be a fineapple.

3. What happened to the pig who liked pineapple? He turned into a porky-pine!

4. I’m having pineapple on everything lately. It’s just Hawaii roll.

5. Hey you must be a pineapple, because you’ve very ap-peel-ing.

6. I knew someone who only ever ate pineapple. They turned into a real pineapple chunk.

7. How did the Christmas Tree propose to the iPhone? With a pineapple ring.

8. What happened to the pineapple who was turned down for a date? Crushed pineapple.

9. The local pizza shop owner has turned up dead. He was covered in pineapple, ham, tomato sauce and cheese. Word is he topped himself.

10. I heard they employed a pineapple and some rum to work at CERN. Together they make a real Piña Collider.

Piña Colada is a classic pineapple drink. More recipies here.

11. Made a mess of my dinner party last night because one of my guests only eats cold pineapples. Should’ve reduced the oven to aloha temperature.

12. Did you hear about the honeydew and the pineapple that were turned away by the Judge? He said they cant-eloupe.

13. Pineapple is a shark’s favourite food because they make seamen taste better.

14. Why did one pineapple invite another to their party? Because they were real piner-pals.

15. You shouldn’t make a pineapple angry. They are quick to pineapple punch.

16. What do you call a fruit that has intimacy issues and can only love from afar? A pineapple.

17. Did you hear about the pick-up artist who only ever wears green leaves on his head? Yeah, he’s definitely a pineapple smoothie.

18. The informant obtained their information by burying themselves in the ground, disguised with a crown and some rind. Police called him the pineapple plant.

19. This train has no brakes, no stops, direct to Costa Rica. It’s the Pineapple Express.

20. What happened after the conifer fell in love at the orchard? A pineapple tree.


Evelyn is a horticulture expert and researcher who has contributed to various studies on pineapple feasibility, industrialisation and cultivation across the world. Evelyn is a researcher with prior experience within various Departments of Agriculture. Evelyn is credited with numerous studies on plant feasibility and horticultural studies. In her retirement, she turned her attention to fruit and pineapple cultivation, gaining a love for the pineapple fruit which continues to this day. You can reach me via email or Twitter!


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